7 Stories From The Dark Web gives you goosebumps

7 Stories From The Dark Web gives you goosebumps

Topic- 7 Stories From The Dark Web gives you goosebumps

In the late 90’s era, two prominent investigation organizations in the US, which are the branch of the Department of Defense, suddenly created an unnamed, anonymized and encrypted network. The prime motive of this Dark web network is to Secure, protect and hide the sensitive communications of their spies. This is an unpublished but legal network, and it is not known or accessible for ordinary internet people. This unnamed private network is known as the ‘Dark Web.’ This Dark web is a mysterious site. This network was first introduced for government licensing.

Here in the bellow paragraph discuss Dark Web network-

Define ‘Dark Web’

To understand ‘Dark Web,’ users should know ‘Open Web’ and ‘Deep Web.’

The ‘Dark Web’

Sometimes, most people go online through a computer or an electronic device with an Internet Protocol address; we call it an IP address.

 This IP address permits the user’s network to send any information properly. Such as an email reach to the right destination. A user’s internet activity can be followed and tracked using their IP address.

This ‘Dark Web’ uses a complex system that does not disclose a user’s actual IP address. This process cant identify the website that the user’s device has visited. Usually, users can access this dark web 

by using a particular software called Tor, an Onion Router.

The ‘Dark Web’ is a notorious thing sometimes, and these websites sometimes 

host complete outrageous content which may push the boundaries of any human being. Here We choose four deep web stories that make us very horrified, and also, we feel it might just give you goosebumps and chills down your spine.

1. How To Cook A Woman (This Report published by Reddit user baconboyloiter)

In CompSci, we sometimes got bored. One day I go through the deep web. Suddenly, I found one of the most disgusting and disturbing sites where the content is an all-inclusive guide for cooking women. It is not a silly joke here. This is the actual page, and it had information about what kind of body to use for particular cuts, how to make these cuts ready, along with this how-to cook the girl, so she lives as long as possible. It terrified me that people are way worse than we thought, and the freaks on Criminal Minds still exist.

2. Pink Meth

It’s a site for ex-girlfriends if you want to take revenge on her. This is a perfect website for that. This fill with nudes and full of miserable creeps. 

This website is set off in the deep web network. The concept of this website was that any users could upload nude pictures of their respective ex-girlfriends, which would eventually create considerable harassment of the person in the picture. The website is now unusable due to so many legal actions. However, another website like this has popped up since its demise. 

3. Saved by the bell… (Reported by Reddit user Semper_Fi_Cerberus)

Suddenly, I found a small picture of a guy sidebar on my homepage one fine day. I saw a link below that where written ‘For new people in the deep web’ just out of curiosity; I double-clicked on the link. A brand new page opened along with a picture that started to load. Thank god that day my internet was slow still what I saw still gave me goosebumps and chilled my spines. It was only ahead of an old Asian man with blood on his chin. I couldn’t wait for the complete picture; I quickly turned off all my tabs before the rest of the image appeared.

4. The Human Experiment 

If you think that the Nazis were the last person to conduct human experiments during the Holocaust, you might be wrong. This is one of the websites which is an index where provides documents for performing your experiments in concentration camps. 

The website concept is that apparently, they have some warehouses where they play and perform such hateful experiments on humans. They conduct psychic experiments such as starvation, radiation exposure injecting a pregnant woman with bleach, and even sterilization. The website details that these humans being experimented on are homeless people for experimentation’s sole and only purpose.


These are a few horrifying stories about the Dark web network. So, I insist everyone, please use the Dark web for legal purposes only, and don’t put yourself in danger.

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