Biggest Dark Web Scams of the world

Biggest Dark Web Scams of the world

Topic : Biggest Dark Web Scams of the world

The dark web, as you might have heard before, is a dangerous place to be in. There are drug sellers, criminals for hire, credit card fraudsters, and many other illegal businesses hosting services. Some dangerous hackers can ruin your entire hard-earned reputation by messing with your computer. It is the best policy and brilliant move to stay clear of such a place. But many people do go there to enact illegal activities and worse. We will discuss a few scams on the dark net that have been exposed. This article intends to help enlighten people to let them know more about how nefarious the dark web is and how important it is that they stay away from there.

1. 18th Street Gang Scam.

They pose to be a service on the dark web to kill for money. They should take information and cash in bitcoins from their clients who assign them to kill a specific person. In this narrative, there are no hitmen in reality. There are no well-dressed assassins fitting silencers onto their guns, no operators assigned, and no capos commanding them.

But there is a series of websites, to be exact – where all of those things are manufactured to appear real. Some individuals believe it. They install Tor, a browser that employs encryption and a complicated relaying system to maintain anonymity and allows them to reach the dark web, where the website is, in search of a hitman.

Users of the website fill out a form under bogus names to order a murder. They deposit hundreds of bitcoins into the website’s virtual wallet. The website’s administrator is duping them: no assassinations are ever carried out.

The administrator would tell them some lies, why the job had been delayed, every time they contacted him to get info about the hit job they assigned. This is a scam, and many people fell for it. This is one of the many hitmen scams on the dark web.

2. $$ The Green Machine $$ financial fraud.

A particular person went to the site called “The Green Machine”. He wanted to make some quick money and went to the hidden Wiki. He was trying to buy cloned cards. This person found the offer too rewarding that he could not but get entrapped in it. When he went to the site “The Green Machine”, he saw all reviews; hundreds of them were optimistic about the green machine or Mr Fungi as he was also known. This site was very cunning.

The page was first on the hidden Wiki, and all the reviews were positive, as mentioned earlier. Everything seemed legit, though everything was as fake as possible. However, it was impossible to find out. He emailed Mr. fungi or the Green Machine and got back a reply very quickly. However, this customer found something fishy and emailed Mr Fungi as one of his fraud victims.

Then he found out the reality and was stunned by the reply he got. Mr Fungi was quite proud of being a fraudster, and he took money from his victims in his wallet and never provided the service in return.

3. Alpha Cards Scam

Alpha Cards is a dark web scam company. It is involved in many financial scams, and it has duped users of their money. However, the users were not innocent people, and they went to the dark web to commit financial fraud themselves. Alpha Cards operates in many economic segments, the primary being credit cards.

They have taken the money from their customers in bitcoins or Ethereum to sell them cloned credit card details with the pin codes they promised the users could use to purchase goods. After taking payments from them, they cheated their customers by providing them with nothing.

Conclusion of Biggest Dark Web Scams of the world

We have discussed a few dark web scams. The dark web is dangerous, and you should avoid going to the dark web to commit illegal activities that cheat ordinary people. In return, you could get scammed and lose a lot of your money.With this we have concluded our topic Biggest Dark Web Scams of the world

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