Cannazon Market – all the information you may need

Cannazon Market – all the information you may need

I was always wondering, “what is the cannazon market?”.

I’ve heard about it many times. But actually, I was never inside it, so I didn’t know what was it, what to expect there and what can I buy there. But some time ago my friend told me that he bought from cannazon market some good-quality weed.

Ah-ha! Now I knew why it’s called “Cannazon Market”. CANNAzon from CANNAbis. I said to myself “I’ve to try by myself so I know if it’s so good”.
I was searching through the internet for a link to access it. Finally, I got it! ( Be sure to always put on security. See our guide on how to access the Dark Web in our other article: How to access the Dark Web ).

I have also found some more interesting information about it as well. Maybe it will also be interesting for you, so here is what I have found about it :

  • It’s established in the first half of 2018.
  • There weren’t any security problems reported yet on the site itself. You already know that security is very important, right?
  • In late 2019 there were over 1437 listings active.
  • As I am writing this article about Cannazon Market the site is currently active.
  • No warnings or red flags reported.

If you want to see the website by yourself here are some links so you can do it.

Some other alternative addresses :

So now, when we already know that there are working links to gain access, let’s see what’s on the website.

After launching TOR over VPN, be sure to disable JavaScript (the website encourages you to do so by the way ). It’s to keep the security level high. Then make the Tor Browser window a little bit smaller than it’s normal, you know why, all for your safety.

The first message we see is :

The holiday shopping season in combination with COVID-19 will lead to longer delivery times.

Please just make sure to order very early. It is absolutely normal that packages currently take longer to be delivered. All vendors are focused on delivering a great Christmas for everyone during these uncertain times.

If your package is delayed, simply extend the auto-finalize date on the order page or open a dispute if this should not be enough. Please just be patient and do not contact the vendor or support unnecessarily.

It is normal this Christmas time that packages are being delivered with some delays. Amazon has the same problem as well. Every year. You know that from your own experience.

On the Cannazon Market, you have the possibility to buy a lot of different things.

You can get yourself weed, hash, a lot of different concentrates, edibles, seeds, and many more. They accept 2 cryptocurrencies on the site which are Bitcoin ( BTC ) and Monero. They also put a small exchange rate on both so you can “expect” how many Bitcoind you have to pay for your things.

Like you see on the image below, every listing has a ranking that says if people liked it or not. Always use that for you so you will know if the vendor is legit etc…


There’s also a filter option, which allows you to set exact parameters to find exactly what you need.

Check it out, it helps to save time while searching through all the listings possible.


Now let’s see what we can find in some listing. Which information is being included, what are the thoughts of the customers, etc…

We will take for example that THC liquid for e-cigarettes.

On the product page, you’ll find many useful pieces of information like :

  • if the product is available
  • what’s the payment method
  • what’s the price ( in BTC and Monero )
  • if there are any other product variants
  • who’s the vendor
  • where it is being shipped from
  • where it is being shipped to
  • rating from other markets

As you see, this information is very important to make an informed buying decision.

The website itself is being done very well. Design is awesome, and not like on any other websites I could find on the dark web, website looks clean and legit. It makes the buying experience amazing as well.

The product page also includes a product description.

Someone can ask :

what’s the flavor and taste, or how to use it, or what’s inside every bottle of the liquid?

For those questions answer is being provided by the seller.

But what I also liked inside the Cannazon Market is a section with reviews and vendor opinions. It is very important when buying something from a new seller, or a seller we don’t know ourselves.

I won’t put screenshots from every tab. Go to the website and see it with your own eyes, so to say.

That is my small review of Cannazon Market. Hope you will like it, as I am.

Cannabis is being used to have fun, but not only. Do you want me to add some information about what can it be used for too? Or I’ve missed something? Let me know!

And as we are after Christmas, and before New Year Eve, I want to say Merry Christmas. I wish you all the best, and I wish you that your wishes come true. Next year will be more relaxed.

By the way, tell us how was your Christmas time going! We want to hear from you!

Thanks for your time! Cheers!

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