Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists

Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists

Topic- Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists


Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists

Cryptocurrencies are a very trendy topic of discussion in today’s life, and not a single thing has caught public attention, like Cryptocurrency.

After all this, it is straightforward to understand why Cryptocurrencies are the biggest heists of all time.

However, nowadays, people are using Cryptocurrency in their daily purchases.

Cryptocurrency gives us the privilege to bring back control of our money and finances. More precisely, Cryptocurrency empowers us to be our bank.

Despite these things, many people depend on third-party wallet suppliers, and their crypto is only as secure as the security measures, and the provider takes protection in that place.

Computer hackers have utilized this vulnerability within this kind of third-party wallet supplier.

Along with this, they pinpoint cryptocurrencies directly also exploit flash loans according to their advantage. 

Although, we all knew some cryptos had increased their value in recent years.

That confirms that if the hackers kept all the cryptos they stole and cashed it today, they would have become a billionaire worth more than ninety billion dollars.

Mostly the hackers are picking out crypto exchanges, where several users save vast amounts of currencies.

With all of these laid out, let’s discuss the most prominent cryptocurrency heists of all time.

The big Crypto-theft, hacks, and fraud

In the below paragraphs, we will discuss the five biggest cryptocurrency heists of all time.

1)Poly Network, in August 2021

Claimed stollen money of – $610 million

In terms of bitcoin thefts, this is one of the most serious.

This Poly Network utilizes a famous technology for competent contact to execute and document legal transactions.

Poly Network was hacked because of their poorly managed access rights between two contracts. 

 EthCrossChainManager and EthCrossChainData.

This kind of hack was a crypto version of the over-privileged access abuse.

EthCrossChainData is being misused and configured to facilitate massive cryptocurrency transfers. 

After this mishap in its network exploited by a cyberpunk that the media calls” Mr. White Hat.”

Considering the preliminary theft, the story became fishy by the day.

Mr. White Hat appeared in public interaction and steady discourse with Poly Network; however, they returned everything stolen a week later.

Also, Poly Network offered Mr. White Hat a job heir chief security officer with a bulk salary.

2.Coincheck, in January 2018-

Claimed stollen money of – $532 million

Coincheck is a japan- based bitcoin wallet and exchange service provider. Claimed that the Russian hacking Gang assigned the infection, and the malware infection is most likely to have been initiated over email pushing. 

3.KuCoin – In September 2020-

Claimed stolen money of $281 million stolen.

KuCoin stated that hackers had overseen getting the private keys from their hot wallets before withdrawing vast amounts of bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), along with this Bitcoin SV (BSV), Litecoin (LTC), XRP (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Tron (TRX), and Tether (USDT). Their public speaking person stated that they are suspected cyberpunks of North Korea were responsible for that. 

Conclusion Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists

 These are the three most significant and most prominent cryptocurrencies heists of all time.

There are other heists such as PancakeBunny($200 million stolen), MT Gox ($470million stolen), Bitmart($196 million stolen).

We are not saying we believe in traditional banks, and our motive is to be aware of the Cryptocurrency heist and its laws.Here we concluded our topic Cryptocurrencies biggest heists all time-Cryptocurrencies Heists

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