Has Facebook been hacked on 04/10/2021?

Faceook 04.10.2021

Has Facebook been hacked on 04/10/2021?

Let’s go back a few months. While browsing through posts and queries on forums DMHQ-dmhqfrmccvdc7bvlqhewghrxkipzzxi74p5as6ycz63ucyg5ls45tcyd.onion I came across a post of a person who allegedly claimed to be one of the members of the legendary group Cicada 3301. As you know, the group Cicada 3301 does not operate only virtually, several of their actions happened without computers. So in the forum, there was a post presenting the idea of the group to hit Facebook servers not only virtually. All the problems we have experienced with Facebook on 04.10.2021 were described several months earlier. What is the impact on security, many of us on Facebook keep our data and private conversations with loved ones… The world’s largest social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp for 6 hours were not usable.
The official response of the company indicates that all the confusion was caused by a single misconfiguration, in the case of a hacker attack is a perfect explanation. A normal user is not able to catch errors in hundreds of lines of code.

Facebook have been hacked

This is the largest outage or attack Facebook has seen, according to Downdetector the service has received more than 10.6 million reports of problems from around the world. Mark Zuckerberg himself lost 7 billion dollars on the failure and fell one place in the list of the richest of this world.
The disruption may come one day after one of Facebook’s former employees leaked documents about the company di for an interview. Was this a gateway for hackers? Can the employee who released the data was one of Cicada 3301. Feel free to discuss this in the comments.


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