Horizon Market – all in one place for your new credit cards

horizon market darkweb24 blog article

horizon market darkweb24 blog article

Horizon Market – all in one place for your new credit cards

Nowadays many people have difficulties getting a normal credit card from their bank institute. There are many reasons why it’s happening. Probably it has happened to you as well. You could have paid later than it should be paid, or you are not old enough to get a credit card. Sometimes it also happens when you didn’t pay your loan in time. If that happens you might get your credit score lower, which will cause you to get a deny every time you ask for a loan from a bank etc.

No matter what’s the reason for it, there is a solution to that problem. The last time I was searching through the dark web for any help with my credit card, I have found one website which was for me as a gift from the Almighty God!

Did you hear about Horizon Market?


It is a place where you can buy stolen credit card data, with all the information you may need to make an online buy. If you choose to get a physical credit card, you need to wait for 7 to 14 days for your new card to arrive at your P. O. box. ( You should never use your home address for such activities ).

Check the Horizon Market by yourself here. ( enter only with a VPN turned ON and the TOR browser! )

horizon market website link on darkweb24.net

The website looks very nice. As the website says, they have been approved by The Hidden Wiki and TORCH.

What’s the best about the website is that they provide you with step-by-step guides on how to use the money from the cards, so you can keep your anonymity. Even a shop list is given, so you know exactly where to use those cards.

If you want to be sure they are legit, use your secure e-mail provider and send them a message. You will get proof that the cards have been working. And even when they are not working for you, you can write them a message and you will get your card replaced or your money will be refunded. Testimonials provided on the website are showing some of their latest customers.

horizon market features


They also have a big, and I mean BIG FAQ section where you can find answers to almost every question you might have about them and their business.

horizon market FAQ section

They are offering their customers two types of cards.


  • Digital cards
  • Physical cards


Digital cards can be in your hand after 30 minutes, since they are being sent by e-mail, so it’s quite fast delivery I can say.

The second option needs more time since now we have delayed delivery times everywhere.

-What you can do with those cards?

When you have already your credit card in your hand, ( or all the data from the digital card version ), you are ready to buy. You can use those cards for example on Steam Store to buy games, on g2a.com to buy games as well, or even by amazon.com to buy stuff. Use your shop list provided by the seller to see where exactly you can pay with it, but remember to not exceed the limits, because every card has it’s “safe limit”.

Did you already buy your cards from Horizon Market? How did it go? Do you have any experience?

If so, let us know so our Dark Web Community can have a sneak-peak inside this business and this market.

We are waiting for your thoughts!



We are not responsible for what you do on the Clearnet, as well as on the dark web.

Every piece of information provided in this article is for educational purposes only!

You should think about the consequences before doing anything.


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