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How to access the Dark Web without using a VPN-Dark Web Browser

How to access the Dark Web without using a VPN-Dark Web Browser

Topic : How to access the Dark Web without using a VPN-Dark Web Browser

What is the dark web? 

Google indexes only a small portion of the internet. According to some estimates, the net contains 500 times the amount of content that Google returns in search results.

When you enter a query, the links returned by Google and other search engines are referred to as the “surface web,” while all different, non-searchable content is referred to as the “deep web.” 

The darknet, also known as the dark web, is a subset of the deep web. The dark web comprises websites and services that are purposefully hidden. The dark web’s owners and users are both anonymous.

Although not everything on the dark web is illegal, it is the location of many of the internet’s black markets, hacker forums, malware vendors, and other unlawful activities. 

Dark web vs. deep web: what’s the difference? 

As opposed to the dark web, the deep web refers to websites and web pages that are not indexed by search engines, such as login pages and payment portals. On the other hand, the dark web is built on darknets, which are online networks that can only be accessed using specialized software and techniques.

The deep web is any content accessible only through paywalls, authentication forms, logins, or passwords. The deep web contains much of the content that the ordinary citizen reaches on the internet: email, internet banking accounts, personal social media accounts, and subscription services.

You wouldn’t want your email history to be visible to the public and discoverable by anyone. 

How to access the Dark Web Safely. 

The dark web is a subset of the deep web, but it is built on darknets, which are layered networks that exist on the internet but cannot be accessible without special utilities or software like Tor.

Tor is an encrypting software tool for The Onion Router; you can connect to the Tor network using the Tor Browser.

Unlike other web browsers, Tor Browser employs onion routing, which encrypts and routes traffic through multiple servers around the world to conceal your IP address and provide private browsing. all domains on the Tor network conclude with the top-level domain.onion (instead of .com).

The many layers of an onion represent the multiple layers of encryption in the Tor network. Tor is required to access the vast majority of the dark web. Tor is a network of volunteer relays that routes the user’s internet connection.

The connection is in an encrypted format, and all the traffic and data is routed through relays covering the entire world, ensuring the user’s secrecy. 

Get Tor Browser 

The Tor Browser is the most convenient way to connect to Tor. It is an anonymizing browser. Tor is free to download and install on your computer.

You may wish to conceal your Tor Browser download by using a VPN and your existing browser’s private/incognito mode, but this is not required. You can surf the dark web by using the Tor browser only. 

Tor Browser, based on Firefox, allows you to browse both the clear and dark web.

All of your traffic is routed through the Tor Network by default. Make sure only to download

the Tor Browser from the official website to avoid installing malware, spyware, or another virus on your device. Tor Browser is officially only available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Many experts recommend that you avoid using third-party mobile browsers that use the Tor Network.

The tor browser routes your website requests through a web of proxy servers hosted and operated by thousands of volunteers across the world. This makes your IP address untraceable, unreachable, and can’t be identified. 

Need for a VPN 

Though we have discussed the way to get into the dark web without using a VPN, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN while navigating the interiors of the darknet or the dark web.

They help to protect your online privacy and your identity safe and safeguard all the data sent to your drive and even those data you are sending out. Though your tor browser protects your privacy, keeping a double protection layer is always advisable. Double protection would mean VPN over Tor.

Three-degree protection means VPN over Tor over VPN. When choosing a VPN, use a good VPN like Nord VPN. The Tor hides your data and location and your identity. However, Tor itself is banned in many countries.

The VPN might come in handy to bypass that, other than the double-layer protection it offers. 

Access the dark web using the I2P browser. 

You can also access the dark web through the I2P browser. Unlike Tor, i2p is decentralized and depends on the network users to store available content on their systems. Tuhe I2P traffic is unidirectional.

Thus it improves anonymity, privacy, and security because the traffic is channelized through different tunnels on every occasion. 

It uses API protocol compared to SOCKS for Tor. Thus, it is more secure.

However, the I2P network and browser are nowhere near as popular as Tor. It will take a lot of work for I2P to catch up with Tor. 

Conclusion of How to access the Dark Web without using a VPN-Dark Web Browser

We have seen how we can use the darknet or dark web without using a VPN.

However, it is always advisable to use a VPN over your Tor for extra security.

As we know, the dark web can be a potentially dangerous place with all sorts of fraudsters, con artists, and even hardcore criminals infesting the dark web; it is always advisable to avail of that extra security feature of a VPN.Here we concluded out topic How to access the Dark Web without using a VPN-Dark Web Browser


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