How to access the dark web?

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How to access the dark web?


Everyone talks about the “dark web” and similar stuff. We all know, when something is being forbidden, then it tastes better than anything, right? That’s why more and more people are willing to get inside. But when you ask something about “how to access the dark web?”, you always hear something like:

“You have to search on google”, or “you have to know someone, who can let you in”.

It is not something magical or mysterious. It’s another side of the internet. On the “bright side” of the internet, you can look for anything you want. For example funny cat videos, information on Wikipedia, etc. On the dark web, you can find anything that’s hidden for example in the google search engine. Medical documentations, army communication channels, government regulations, and much more.

But how can you access it from your couch, and take a journey inside? What should you do to access the dark web?

Actually, accessing the dark web is easier than you may think. First of all, you have to make your trip safe. You have to have something on your side, then follow a couple of easy steps, and baaaammmm……you’re in!

Let’s dive into the exact steps you should follow for now.


Download VPN


The first step on how to access the dark web is to download VPN software. If you don’t know what a VPN is check this article.

In simple words, it let you connect your computer (C) to the website (W), but with help of another router (A), so the website (W) thinks, that it’s connected to (A), and not (C), if that makes sense.

Some of the best VPNs are: (I am using WindScribe)

  • WindScribe They offer a free account, after registering with the e-mail they give you 5GB of free data.
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN

Download Tor Browser


The next step is downloading the safest browser available for surfing the dark web.

It’s Tor Browser. You can download it here. It is available for Microsoft, MAC OS, Linux, and even for Android. It means all the major platforms are being covered by Tor.

Download the file and begin the installation process. After a few moments, you’re ready to go.


Download Virtual Machine


It’s recommended that you use a virtual machine for all your connections to the dark web. Having a VM lets you “secure” your MAC address, so you can be untraceable. I would recommend you VM software from Oracle (the same company that made Java). The download link is here.

From my studies, almost any computer or laptop will handle the VirtualBox to open.

The smallest requirements are:

  • 1 GB of RAM (the more the better)
  • guest operating system
  • 10 GB of disk space should be more than enough


Start surfing


I am assuming that you have downloaded everything from the steps above. You’ve installed it all, one after another, and you’re ready to start your searching.

Some of the sites inside the dark web to help make your first steps are:

DuckDuckGo -> search engine, like Google, but better. It’s not tracking your movements or searches.

EuroGuns -> number one place to look for guns,

Torch -> it has a great list of many ( I mean MANY) onion links for you to explore.

PirateSec -> marketplace for finding a hacker for any task you need.

Mail2Tor -> safe email address for free.

BlackBook -> dark web version of Facebook works almost in the same way Facebook does.


As you see, it is not so hard to access the “dark side” of the internet. If you really want something, you can have it – they used to say. If you can spend approximately 15 minutes of your time, you can be inside the dark web.

And remember, stay safe while doing it! Don’t use credit cards, don’t enter it without a VPN and Virtual Machine. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are your thoughts about this guide? Did we miss something?

Or should we write about some other awesome onion sites?

Let us know in the comments section. We will reply to every one of those!

Happy surfing!

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