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How to buy hashish?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions by dark web users.

Let’s start with what is a hash? This is not just related to the Instagram hashtags under the cannabis pictures(so-called hashish), most often eaten in the form of a “joint”, if you do not know about it, you should read this article as soon as possible. Hash is nothing else than pressed resin obtained from cannabis – the THC content of which is extremely high and thus has a lot of psychoactive properties.

hash darkweb
What is hash commonly called?

In each slang we hear about different names, some say hash
chocolate, avian, plasticine, widow, c4 (from plastic form) cake, morocco, lump, cube, Hasan, Afgan, African Black, Bombay.

Types of hashish, The most popular varieties

ROYAL GORILLA is one of the most potent varieties of Royal Gorilla with a balance of Sativa (50%) India (50%). It is a combination of Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel. This collaboration resulted in a strain with very high THC levels – 27%. Royal flowers have a very large amount of resin, making them ideal for making very good quality hash. the sensations after the administration are stimulating as well as relaxing and inducing unearthly chillout because cannabinoids and terpenes work by relaxing the body and mind (use with the other half or a good film is recommended). Gorilla gives us a strong pine scent that is easy to distinguish.

Another variety that needs no introduction is White Widow, it is one of the most popular varieties, very often smoked and used by rappers.
This award-winning variety is actually shrouded in mystery, as nobody knows where it comes from until now. It is known, however, that the variety is a classic Dutch variety and that is where it was first cultivated. This variety has a lot of resin juices, which is perfect for making hashish because it has a THC of 19% Idelan stimulates the mind and body (Provides long hours of thought),. There is an earthy and pine scent from it.

OG Kush. Oh shit Og Kush, this is perhaps the most scrolled hash of hip-hop stars. It is said to be Snoop-dog’s favorite merchandise. Our title character is an excellent strain for making hashish. OG Kush offers strong effects and a unique citrus-pine flavor with a generally fruity feel. OG Kush has an India advantage, 75% Sativa is only 25%. Because of this, the high is primarily physical. relaxing the whole body. it burns perfectly at the end of a long and stressful day, induces regenerative sleep. Og is perfect for the beginning of the adventure, its thc stays at 19% which makes it not too strong. This variety was created by a hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush.

Sherbet Queen is the indica variety for a fruity experience. The accumulation of flavors and aromas makes it one of the most popular varieties from the very beginning. Thanks to these properties with strong euphoria, it is an effect that is really worth checking out. Sherbet Queen is 85% indica, which of course translates to the high it causes. With Sherbet Queen, you can expect complete relaxation and even stick to the couch.

Once we know the types and names, let’s move on to the next topic
Where to buy a hash? It is known the easiest way to ask a friend or go to the Netherlands, but here we will show you a better way “How to buy hash on the Internet” Or if you prefer “How to buy hash via Darkweb”

Cannazon shop
On the internet, you can find a lot of websites where you can buy chocolate, but as a rule, the hash sold there does not contain THC, but only CBD, so for lovers of smoking it is best to get staff through the darknet. We then have an abundance of varieties in quantity and type. Be aware of cheaters (Find out more). But once we hit the right page, we have an amazing selection, we can test any variation.
So how to do it step by step (we describe this process based on the Cannzon store)
First – What is the most important safety.
To buy something before Darkweb, we have to have Bitcoin or etherium.

Because payment with cryptocurrencies is practically undetectable, which is what we care about when buying a hash.
Once we buy our BTC, we register on the cannzaon website or any other market.
When we already have an account, we have to fund it with a piece of our cryptocurrency, when we have done these two steps, we are looking for a product that interests us (it is worth checking if the market runs escrow services if so we can feel safer).
When we have chosen all that remains to send the data for shipping if we have some idea we can send an encrypted message and send the key to decrypt the seller or contact him via vickr.
All stores ship worldwide. I think after reading this post you will have a great experience with hash. I would love to hear your opinion about other varieties.

Note: We do not take responsibility for fraud and the effects of the administration. Use the internet wisely.

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