how to buy stolen credit cards on the dark web-How to buy stolen credit cards 

how to buy stolen credit cards on the dark web-How to buy stolen credit cards 

Topic : how to buy stolen credit cards on the dark web-How to buy stolen credit cards 

Is there anything scarier than a dark web criminal underground shop sharing stolen financial data? What about one of them disclosing your stolen financial information? As data theft becomes more common and scammers become more sophisticated, this is a reality that many people must face. According to Gemini Advisory, a cybersecurity firm that tracks underground marketplaces and forums, 115 million stolen debit and credit cards were posted to dark web marketplaces in 2020, with 87 million of them coming from the United States. 

A cybercriminal with stolen payment cards can immediately make purchases in your name or even deplete your bank account. Worse, this disreputable corner of the web is only growing in size. “It’s not a case of rogue criminal agents at this point,” says Christopher Thomas, the intelligence production head at Gemini Advisory. “It’s a fully functioning economy.” The worldwide web is divided into three sections: the exterior web (public sites — essentially, anything you can Google), the deep web (often password-protected, like private Facebook groups), and the dark web, which requires a particular browser like Tor to access. You may have never visited the dark web, but your credit card information may have. 

Carding forums 

It’s a private online forum where cybercriminals discuss stealing card information. According to Thomas, they share tips on how to hack into websites, among other things — and marketplaces — where card data is bought and sold — are standard on the dark web. And those who take part make a lot of illegal money. 

According to Gemini Advisory, one of the largest known underground shops in the dark web, Joker’s Stash, generated more than $1 billion before being shut down in February by the legal authorities. A billion! That is a lot of money. A data leak of another shop, BriansClub, in 2019 — which appears to have been done by a competitor, according to Threatpost — demonstrates how widespread this trend has become. This is indeed an object of great fright and disturbance. We feel vulnerable to these mega fraudsters. Is our money safe anywhere anymore? Access to our credit and debit cards 

means straight access to all our bank accounts. We live every day with the fear of losing all our hard-earned cash. 

According to Brian Krebs, a freelancing investigative reporter writing about serious cybercrime incidents at the company Krebs on Security and, ironically, the inspiration for the name BriansClub, BriansClub added only 1.7 million card records for sale in 2015 compared to 7.6 million card records between January and August of 2019. 

How are the stolen credit cards purchased? 

The FBI agent Keith pulaski demonstrated how the stolen credit cards are bought. He works as a Cybercrime agent with the FBI, and he showed to all how the entire process is carried out. 

Mularski opened his browser to a login screen.

Mularski had to use an alias (a fake ID and name) to persuade two criminals already on the inside to vouch for his criminality even to see this site — to register and get a password here. It’s the inverse of getting two references when applying for a job; instead of people vouching for you like a good, law-abiding citizen, you’re getting people to attest to your deception and that you are a criminal by profession. 

This is the central paradox of the market. You must be a verified credit card thief to gain access, and however, you must demonstrate your ability to do business honestly to conduct business. 

Different credit cards are priced differently inside the store — platinum cards are $35, while corporate cards are $45. It costs more for cards with higher credit limits on them. As a result, you pick and choose from a basket of numbers. Criminals typically purchase these items in bulk if their credit cards are canceled. However, a few of them should work. When the online transaction is completed, you will be given a list of credit card numbers. You’ll need some tools to turn the numbers into a usable piece of plastic. Mularski stood up and opened his desk drawer. He took out a piece of white plastic with a magnetic strip (which resembles a hotel key) and a toaster machine. 

The machine in question is an MSR-206. You connect it to your computer and swipe your credit card, and it encodes credit card data onto the magnetic stripe. The white plastic card is then run through another machine to obtain the raised lettering and holograms that make it appear legitimate. Now you can go shopping with this card. 

Conclusion of how to buy stolen credit cards on the dark web-How to buy stolen credit : 

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