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How to Earn money with Dark Web ?

how to earn money on the dark web blog post on darkweb24.net

how to earn money on the dark web blog post on darkweb24.net

How To Earn Money with Dark Web?

You may ask yourself “how to earn money with the Dark Web ?”. The truth is, we are all in need of money. That’s why we are working our asses off to pay our bills, buy food, or luxurious stuff. The same is for online businesses. In clear net, they are legit ways to make money like web design services, a lot of different markets that sell stuff, and others. 

But, is the dark web so different from than clear net? Not really. On both of those, they are millions of different websites ready to be found. People say that there are only 10% of websites on the clear net, and the other 90% is on the deep and dark web side of the internet. That means there are many ways to monetize your knowledge, skills, and wisdom. Let’s find out what can we do to make some money.

What can I offer on the dark web to make cash?

Let’s discuss some possible ways to generate money, either on the side or full-time. No matter how much time you have, you can easily generate some money. We will talk about ideas you can utilize to make money on the dark web.

There is no better or worse option on this list, each one of them is good. You have to be careful. There is a great chance that you can be scammed, so do it wisely. I will show you some examples of the stores and services websites on the dark web which you can do as well as your inspiration.

Hacking services


You can be a hacker on the dark web. You need to have some sort of knowledge in the field so you can perform some hacking activities. As you see on the screenshot below, minimum earnings are $200 and more. Perform one action a day and make at least $6000 a month. Nice money, right?

how to make money in the dark web blog post

Drug selling


If you are producing any type of drug, you can make money from it, and it can be a huge amount of money. You will need someplace to be able to produce something, like a garage, basement, or something similar. It should be hidden from your neighbors, as they could be more than happy to “help” you by spreading the word about your small business. 

You can sell any type of drug, in this example, someone is selling heroin, but options are almost limitless.

drug selling dark web

Guns selling


If you want, you can sell guns to people. Buy cheap, sell expensive, and make a profit. Easy as that! 

There will be always a demand for that because not everyone can legitimately get a gun. That’s why it’s a so-called ever-green market to enter. You only need a source to get them cheaper than you want to sell them.

In addition, sell bullets and make a pure profit as well because you already have the customer. You don’t need to look for them, they will find you.

USD Counterfeits


Are you the „Printer” guy type? If your skill is making false money, and making them unable to verify or recognize if they are legit or not, that’s the perfect idea for you. Make what you want, and get paid. Make even more money by letting your friends know about that store and make a 1% commission on every purchase they make.

As you see, there are plenty of ways that you can make money on the dark web. Choose what you like and start doing it. There are even more ways to get richer. Should we make a separate post about them? Let us know, and maybe we will write other ideas down for you as well.

Happy money-making!

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