How to Make Money on the Dark Web or DarkNet 

How to Make Money on the Dark Web or DarkNet 

Topic : How to Make Money on the Dark Web or DarkNet 

Have you ever considered making money online on the dark web or darknet? You are not mistaken in your assessment. 

The Dark Web offers incredible opportunities to generate cash from the comfort and privacy of your own house.

If you’ve been navigating the darknet’s back alleys for a while, you’ve probably come across many items and services for sale. 

Sell stuff on the darknet or dark web. 

The darknet’s essence is its black marketplaces (.onion links). Why? The apparent reason being it has the most visible option for users to generate money on the network. 

Drugs of all types are the most often offered for sale. These darknet markets function similarly to typical Clearnet e-commerce platforms. 

The only distinction is that darknet markets interact anonymously, and there are no records of the transactions. The market acts as a central intermediary or a bridge between buyers and sellers. 

However, they guarantee that both sides get a fair bargain, and they receive a commission on each sale made through their website in exchange. 

 Place where people do business.

The clearnet is where people do business, whereas the darknet is where shady people and criminals carry out their transactions. 

Drugs, ammunition, stolen electronics, face masks, carded numbers, personal IDs, and services too many to name are items for sale in darknet markets.

By looking at the items sold on the dark web, you can form an idea about how dangerous a place is and what type of people roam around virtually in the lanes and bylanes of that area. 

This is not all, and not all items are illegal and shady and are sold on the dark web. 

There is also some legal stuff which you can find there. However, Various lawful products are also sold relatively, and these are typically less popular, unusual, or limited to a tighter niche or subculture. 

This is because legal things and stuff are already sold legally on the clearnet; why would people bother to go to the dark web and risk their machines getting compromised. 

Rent the services of a hacker 

Not to be underestimated, hiring a hacker may be a lucrative source of money on the Dark Web. The world’s most talented hackers put up their services for hire on the dark web. 

They do a lot of activities on the dark web. Hackers for employment on the dark web engage in various criminal hacking activities. 

These illegal activities might be hacking into the personal account of some person, initiating attacks on business houses, launching DDOS attacks on websites to ground them for some hours, or, in some cases, even for days. 

Whatever data they accumulate about people and businesses, they sell that data on Tor. Onion URLs. They may also modify school grades and job details in company systems and use malware to disrupt websites.

 You can hire a hacker for any nefarious and criminal activities you wish to unleash on your enemies or indulge in other illegal activities.

On the other hand, a small number of whitehat hackers assist organizations in protecting their security. 

In a nutshell, the dark web is where hackers live. Several people give tutorials about hacking and provide further knowledge about hacking.

Theft on demand 

Services, as the name implies, steal items in high demand. What does this have to do with the darknet? As previously noted, the dark web markets sell virtually entirely illicit goods with only a few exceptions.

 All stolen things offered on the dark web have high demand, resulting in the steady production and selling of theft-on-demand items. 

People are generally addicted to items they cannot get or purchase usually, which appeals to the public’s curiosity. 

This kind of service finds a huge unending market on the dark web. So, how exactly does this service work?

Services are freely marketed on the internet. By internet, we mean the clearnet. For example, you can book a cab, airfare, airplanes, trains, hotel room online, and numerous other items with a few mouse clicks. 

Similarly, you may obtain innumerable things such as devices online via the dark web or darknet theft-on-demand services, and all you have to do is employ the services of a darknet thief. 

The only difference is you don’t have to go and meet them in person. Instead of physically going to the store and purchasing your desired item, you may pay someone online to steal it for you. 

This is hardly a strong morality, and this is also a form of stealing you are indulging in. By employing a thief, you also become a thief or a criminal. This service is widely used in Europe and North America.

 All of this can usually be done for a proportion of the item’s worth. So you are getting the thing at a minimal price compared to its actual cost. You are making some payments, and that does not make you an honest person in any way. 

What other services, products, etc., are sold on the dark web? 

Let us look at the various products on sale on the dark web. 

1. Intelligence Information 

There are genuine spies on the Dark Web. And with those who collect intelligence reports and other data to sell to real spies. 

This is an immensely lucrative yet risky game to play. These are severe issues, and one minute of non-alertness could cost you a lot, even your life. 

2. Very private classified government information 

Highly sensitive Government finances and the upcoming budget information, unpublished information regarding highly sensitive internal investigations, highly personal military plans, and diplomatic negotiations are in great demand on the Dark Web’s shadowy corners. Again, those people indulging in these activities are a real threat. 

3. Stolen credit card information 

Among the most popular items on the Dark Web are siphoned or hacked credit card details and the software used to collect them. 

4. Financial records, both personal and business 

The Dark Web is teeming with unscrupulous persons looking for this sort of information for extortion, identity theft, money laundering, etc.

Conclusion of How to Make Money on the Dark Web or DarkNet 

 We have discussed how criminals and shady people make money on the dark net or dark web. Some honest people are also making money on the dark web, but they are far fewer.

 Do not even think of utilizing any of the means discussed here to make money on the dark web, as you might land into deep, deep trouble. 

Remember, people who deal in drugs, people who deal in arms, and all sorts of possible bad guys, abound on the dark web or darknet.

 This article is for information, not for inspiration. Stay away from the darknet as far as money-making is concerned. There are so many honest ways to make a good amount of money than indulging in any of the given methods in this article. 

Take this article as a caution, not as an encouragement. Once you are caught or fall into the bad books of criminals, your life might be at risk, or the police will arrest you. With this we have concluded our topic How to Make Money on the Dark Web or DarkNet 


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