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How to remove your phone number from the dark web 

How to remove your phone number from the dark web 

Topic : How to remove your phone number from the dark web 

If you suddenly find out that your phone number is on the dark web, it can be a very unpleasant experience. Your mobile may have a lot of personal information. And to know that it is in the wrong hands can be nothing short of a disaster. Your sensitive information like data about yourself, your job or business, bank accounts, and myriad other information is stored in your phone. This article will try to see how we can deal with this problem. 

How can your phone data end up on the dark web? 

1. Data Breaches 

We often hear about a huge data breach in large companies. For example, Adobe, eBay, Canva, and MyFitnessPal. These are just some examples of data breaches in the previous 20 years. The most horrible part is when the companies get hacked, their users’ information is stolen or compromised.

Your phone number will also be among those data because all the companies ask their clients their phone numbers. When you hear of such a breach and if you are their customer, start making sure your passwords and personal data in your phone numbers are safe. 

2.Public Wifi

When you join an unprotected or rather non-password-protected weak public WiFi network, it is one of the most important data breaches of your personal information that you might be faced with. Anybody can look at the mobile device you are using, and from there, things get worse.

It is always in your best interests not to use public WiFi to prevent such an outcome. Use a (VPN) while surfing the net from a public place. They keep your data hidden and route your connection through some other network. 

3. Compromised security when online.

If you happen to visit an unencrypted website, a hacker can easily do a “man-in-the-middle” type of attack and get hold of all the information you might be input on the website, and most of the time, the phone number is also input.

All the websites ask for our email and phone number first to verify certain things. So, to be secure and safe, always visit an HTTPS website instead of going to an HTTP website.

However, if you must visit an HTTP website, use the browser addon “HTTPS Everywhere” You will find this addon in the Foundation of the Electronic Frontier. 

4. If you leave your paper bills bank statements with your name, phone number, and address, it compromises your security. If you have sensitive information on the paper, always lock that up instead of leaving it scattered. 

Monitoring Agencies: 

If your data is compromised on the dark web, you can also approach the dark web monitoring agencies like Echosec Beacon; they can scan the dark web and tell you whether your information is being shared. 

There is not much to do once your phone number has been shared in the darknet, and it is among thousands of people who might have written it down to do some fraudulent activities later.

The best thing you can do is inform the telephone authorities to cancel this phone number and all the associated data. Before doing that, make a backup of the information on your mobile.

Information the authorities that this number is compromised, and many have access to this number in the darknet. Most probably, they will freeze the number.

Then go for a new number and follow the steps given above to keep it secure. Also, contact the phone authorities and inform them, so they don’t answer any calls from the given number. 

Conclusion of How to remove your phone number from the dark web 

We hope you found this article relevant and all the information on what to do in case your phone number is compromised on the darknet. You can leave your comments in the “comments section” box under the end of the article.Hope you like the article How to remove your phone number from the dark web 

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