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How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

Topic : How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

What is the surface web? 

Everybody can access the internet using what we know as the “surface web” or what we also call the “clear net.” All the standard search engines index this content like google, bing, brave, duckduckgo, Baidu, etc. Although we spend hours and hours on the web using these search engines, and the net feels infinite, it is a part or a fraction of the entire internet. What Google or other search engines return when you put in your query is the “surface web,” and the rest of the vast content is referred to as the “deep web” or “invisible web.” The dark web is what consists of a small fraction of the deep web. This dark web consists of purposefully hidden content, websites, and services. The owners or the users of the dark web or the Darknet are all anonymous. Don’t get it wrong. All that goes on in the Darknet are not illegal. However, the Darknet is where you find many of the internet’s black markets, hacker forums, drug sellers, drug buyers, malware vendors, and other illegal activity. 

How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

What is the deep web? 

Everything that is not on the surface web is hidden or barred for google and other search engine crawlers to crawl constitutes on the deep web. The deep web is mammoth in size and contains almost 90% of the whole data on the internet. It contains information like 

* Private company databases. 

* Employee records or customer records. 

* Bank details 

* Important company backups are there. 

* Different documents and archives. 

* It may contain medical records and much more data. 

*Social media content and important online bank accounts 

Is it possible to get data like this on the Deep Web? Yes, it is possible. The most important information is found in Pastebin and on the forums for hackers and other hidden sites. In short, it contains information that cannot be misused by anybody and causes severe problems for the companies. 

What is the difference between the deep web and the dark web? 

It is not very uncommon to use the two words interchangeably. Though this is highly erroneous. There is indeed a difference among them. This might take you from scrolling down interesting hidden content to conducting illegal activity, and at times, you might also fall into real trouble. The deep web has a significantly darker subset within itself. It is 

used to purchase data dumps, credit cards, fraudulent documents, and any other illegal activities you might imagine are committed there. This is the very reason why it is referred to as the Darknet.

Which people use the Darknet? 

Anyone, from casual users to black/white hackers, can find an excuse to use the Darknet. Individuals may use it to ensure they haven’t been victimized by identity theft, see if any of their accounts have been affected, or browse onion websites for fun – as previously stated; Darknet accounts for most of the internet. Curiosity, on the other hand, can lead to illegal activity. 

For companies, there is a different case. They need to know if their brand name, products, employee/customer data, or confidential documents are being mentioned, even worse sold, in any of these Darknet content. That is why white hackers also surf these contents and keep companies up-to-date. Everyone who has confidential files needs to ensure they are not being compromised. 

How to browse Deep and Dark Web safely? 

Assume you’re just looking around, with no plans to buy or download anything. In that case, the risks are almost the same on the regular web. You risk getting in trouble if you act irresponsibly online. The stakes may be slightly higher because it is relatively easy to find illegal items on the Dark web. With just a few clicks, you could be facing jail time for purchasing drugs. Several Dark Web websites publish the stories of sellers and buyers apprehended. So, if you don’t want to end up on this list of shame, stay away from the dubious stuff. 

It is not limited to police surveillance. The Dark Web is full of gruesome videos and other upsetting content. As a result, be very careful before clicking on a link. 

Rules to be safe while browsing the deep web and the Darknet

 1. Never Reveal your real identity 

If someone asks for your location to send freebies to you or for your bank account information, they probably shouldn’t be asking and are trying to cheat you and put you into serious trouble; you shouldn’t share any information with them. 

2. Until proven otherwise

consider every website a phishing website. Don’t click on any emails on the deep web and especially on the dark web or Darknet. 

3. Get a VPN

 Using or accessing the deep web is going below the surface; something like an undercover job and the tools you will be using is not normal. Often, you might be using a VPN for other purposes, but a VPN is compulsory for accessing the deep web or Darknet. This is the only way to hide your true identity. The VPN, to protect you, creates a virtual private network from a public connection. You have many options; however, use a VPN that you purchase. The free VPNs are not so safe and can’t be trusted completely.

Install Tor 

One of the most important aspects of deep web browsing is leaving as few traces as possible. If you use standard browser tracking technologies such as Chrome, you may put yourself at risk, so the best option is to use Tor. Tor is the best browser for using the Darknet since it conceals your network traffic with Tor routing by changing your IP address regularly and leaves no tell-tale signs or traces to expose your real identity. 

Navigate to the tor project and select the appropriate version for your operating system to get Tor. 

However, Tor alone is not always sufficient. Because Tor node IPs are public, Internet service providers can detect when used. As a result, using Tor in conjunction with a VPN is the best option for more private and secure browsing. 

Tor over VPN 

This means at; first, connect to your VPN and then start browsing on Tor. This is the most used and popular solution for surfing the dark web. This VPN hides your identity, and you depend on the VPN to keep you safe. You browse anonymously on the deep web and the dark web with the Tor browser, and the VPN maintains your secrecy. For this method, you can also use what we know as a “logless” VPN which will not store your traffic logs things you search on the deep net. Session logs also won’t be kept. 

VPN over Tor which one is better

To access the deep web, this method is not so standard. You do not let the VPN see your IP address since the traffic first goes through the Tor and then the VPN. However, your connection to the Tor is not very private since your ISP or Internet Service Provider can see it. Hence, the first option, i.e., “Tor over VPN,” is more reliable and secure. 

Conclusion of How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

We have discussed the deep web and dark web and how to access them. You see, it is not a very scary place. As long as you browse safely, you have nothing to worry about. Just follow the safety steps you need to take, which we have discussed in detail. I hope you liked our article and learned many new things about the deep web and the dark web.

Here we concluded our topic How to safely access the deep and What is dark web? 

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