How to stay private while shopping on the dark web?

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How to stay private while shopping on the dark web?


Some time ago I was thinking about something, which you might also be thinking of. What steps I should take to be as anonymous as it’s possible while browsing the dark web?

I know that I can hide my identity, I can even change my name to whatever I want. No one can’t stop me from doing it, even my mother. I know it’s a lil’ bit crazy, but as we used to say “safety comes first”.

I can also use VPNs or TOR browser to go through the dark areas of the dark web and maximize my safety.

But what’s with shopping? Am I safe there? Are my credentials safe?

Those were very important questions to me. I was searching the web to find any help or possibilities for over a week.

Be honest. We are all searching the dark web, because we want to buy something or because we need some information. And there is a reason why we are searching there, and not on Google.

There is a higher chance that the stuff we are looking for is illegal. We want to stay private, we want to hide our identity, so no one knows what we are doing.

But what options do we have for payment methods?

We also want to hide parts of our lives. We don’t want to show our bank accounts or our account details etc. to everyone else. You can buy everything on the dark web, with or without any special payment method. It’s simple. You stay safe, or you take risks.

In this case, you have ( like almost always) two options:

  1. Go Hard – pay with your bank account, get caught and go to jail, or
  2. Go Easy – use a payment method that is undetectable for anyone.

As you may know, there’s also something we should use to pay for our stuff on the dark web, like in real life, but different.

Do you know what that is?

Exactly! That is cryptocurrency! For those who are not aware of what cryptocurrency is. It is the currency of the internet. There is only one difference, it’s decentralized.

In simple words, it is not controlled by any government, any country, or person. It’s made “inside” the internet. You can’t see it, and you can’t touch it as well. But it is there, it works and it’s getting more and more popular. Why?

It helps you stay anonymous on the internet.

Isn’t it what are we trying to achieve using all those VPNs or TOR?

I’ve heard for example about sex-toys companies that are taking cryptocurrency payments. Why? They want to be able not to store customers’ bank accounts data (if the customer wishes to) and instead pay with them. Everything for the customer’s safety. It’s a smart move by the way.

Like you see it is getting very popular, and even faster today when there is a lot of cybercrime as well. Every day you can hear some “news” about data breaches etc.

But now you might be asking yourself:

How does it work? How can I use it to pay for my stuff, and how to get cryptocurrencies?


How does cryptocurrency work?


Imagine you have a bank account, with money on it. You go to the bank (or online), and you pay for your stuff. If you put your card inside the card reader, it starts to happen:

  1. Your bank knows where you are, what you buy, and how much you paid for it.
  2. The shop might know your name and even have photos from you taken by the CCTV system.
  3. Then your bank sends the signal to the shop that you are eligible to buy it.

It’s like a normal bank is working. Every transaction you make is being controlled, on its entire way. From you to the bank, then to the shop, and then again to your bank, then to you.

Isn’t it too much complicated?

Now imagine the same situation, but without any private data of yours is being sent to the shop or recipient. Mr. Nice Guy (you) is paying Mrs. Nice Girl, without even telling what’s your name, etc. Cryptocurrency is letting you pay and stay unrecognized.

How? Your bank account number, which looks like this -> 91273yn4v12hy0y1240m9128u4gny719g4nyg0

Your account number is not “glued” with any private data. That means, no names, no address, no phone number, only some fancy digits, and letters. That’s why it is being called “money of the future”. Like you see, not without a reason.

How can I use it to pay for my stuff, and how to get cryptocurrencies?

Nowadays, it is very easy, and very fast to start using cryptocurrencies for any payment.

You have to follow 3 steps to start using it today:

  • Make a wallet.

You’ll need to have an online “wallet” to store your cryptocurrencies.

I would recommend for example www.btc.com, it is safe and reliable.

But of course, you can use whatever you like. Type in DuckDuckGo or Google search engine “cryptocurrency wallet”. You will find many of those. Be sure to read some reviews before choosing your wallet. Like always there are good, bad, and ugly options.

  • Buy the cryptocurrency.

The next step is to buy some “internet money”.

Some sources which I know are for example:


  • Start paying for your stuff with your new cryptocurrencies.

Now you’re ready to make your first payment. You’ve everything you need to start your anonymous payments. I am thinking that it’s a great option to be able to pay with cryptocurrency. It’s fast, easy and private. No one can track me, or no one can tell if I’m buying this or that.

It’s my business.

Now, it’s also only yours.

And remember, be safe on the internet, use everything you can to stay safe and private.


DISCLAIMER: I am not telling you what to do. Use your own brain before making any decision, as my decisions have worked for me. I don’t take responsibility for anything you do on the internet. Not even for using any of the links provided in this article. Make your own research and live long.

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