Top 4 Dark Web Markets in January 2021

Top 4 Dark Web Markets in January 2021


Here it is, my first, but not last list of the best markets on the dark web.


The idea of that list is to compare different markets inside the dark web and see what’s going on in the marketplace. We will be posting that list every 3 months or so to see if there are any new marketplaces if something has changed with the old ones etc. You got the point.


That list will be also made with groups of products, for example, drugs, guns, credit cards, etc.

It should make navigating through the list easier for all readers of darkweb24.net

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below, so I can make that list exactly the way you want it to be. It’s all for you actually.


We will begin with marketplaces that are selling consumables, and it will contain dark webshops with drugs and all that stuff.




The most known dark web marketplace which sells drugs is #1 – Cannazon.


Click here to access Cannazon Market


If you are a weed-lover, you know that place for sure. You can find their best quality weed, hash, liquids, bakery and so much more!


Prices are quite low, and that’s the number one reason we put it on the place number 1 inside the drugs category.  Price is important, for all of us. Who doesn’t like to save money, for more stuff or better things? Everyone!


Next thing is that the website itself seems to be legit. It’s been a very long time on the dark web, and second, you can find some negative feedback on some seller’s accounts, which makes me the website more legit.


The next drug store in the dark web which we are familiar with is #2 – Agartha.


Click here to access Agartha Market


We were talking about it last week, but it should have its place on this list.

It’s our next best drug shop. It’s awesome because you can have a lot of stuff, delivered worldwide, and probably from every country, you may call by name.


You should be aware that there is almost every drug that was produced on the planet, or maybe even every drug.


It has number 2 because it’s not so easy to navigate in my opinion through all those pages (over 3k pages). That was actually the only reason it was judged lower than Cannazon. But to be honest, those are both great places to buy some drugs and get high. But as you may know, there always has to be someone better. Law of the jungle.


Between those two, you should make your own decision which one to choose, but our recommendation may help you visit the best.


The last marketplace in this category is #3 – ASAP Market (old Asean Market).


Click here to access ASAP Market


Next store where you can find many drugs, but there are also listings with counterfeits and digital goods. It is known to dark web users, so you’ve probably heard about that one too.

There is not much to say, because all 3 marketplaces from this category are in some way similar to each other.


Spend some time on every of those, and take a look at what you like or not.


Credit Cards


The next category in this list will be credit card stores. In my opinion, it’s the second shop category someone may search for inside the dark web. Like drugs, credit cards are “most wanted” items as well. Everyone wants to have some money, and a lot of people like to have money from someone else’s bank account. I’m joking. Am I? 😀


The credit card store we choose to start with is #1 within its category, and #4 in the list is Horizon Market.


Click here to access Horizon Market


It’s in my opinion the most legit credit card store I’ve seen in my life. Pure and clean design. Not too many options to choose from. It helps the visitors make an easy and fast purchase decision.


And as you may already know, I like the nice and clean design. It looks like a clearnet website.


What should you know about Horizon Market?

It’s one of the best credit card stores on the dark web, and yes, I know that I’m repeating myself, but it’s true.


They give you instructions on how to use and withdraw the money from the cards. They even provide you with a list of proven shops, which are accepting cards like those, and without doing any problems. That’s a win-win situation. You know exactly what to do, and how to do it. And the best of it is, that they are not so expensive.


That’s our list. It can change with the next list, so keep watching and reading my blog posts to be up-to-date with what new to the dark web websites and marketplaces.


I’m more than happy to be able to show you my favorites.

Feel free to suggest to me any other market or dark web service, maybe it will be featured in the next post. Who knows! 🙂

Thanks for spending your valuable time here, and see you next time!

The comment section is always open for you, use it for your questions, concerns, and anything else.


Take care and stay safe!



We are not responsible for what you do on the Clearnet, as well as on the dark web.

Every piece of information provided in this article is for educational purposes only!

You should think about the consequences before doing anything.


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