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The new king of drugs?

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 Welcome to TOR MARKET, store history.

The store was founded in 2018, and it is currently one of the longest-running stores in the tor network, since the move to the tor v3 link, it has remained unchanged from the very beginning, making it easy to recognize among others.
Save this link (http://7j7fiuiu6hhjnisxwve7hpaam7egbncw6smr6rfq3x4dbozixxhsutid.onion/). And add it to your link library. TM stands out among other marketplaces by its functionality, has very clear menu, and shopping there is easy even for beginners. The marketplace code is designed to be paid from the beginning without a wallet / directly, so there is no possibility of stealing cryptocurrencies from public servers. Also, the public servers are designed so that they can be lost/lost without affecting long-term performance. After a short outage of a day or two, backups can restore public servers to new hardware with minimal data loss and no loss of funds. It has always been developed to function as both a vendor storefront and a multi-vendor marketplace site. When marketplaces such as “DREAM MARKET” went down. “EMPIRE MARKET” Many vendors came to us and have since stayed long.

This deep web market at the beginning of its operation had problems, it was attacked with DDos so using it requires filling out a captcha. In order to improve the smoothness of its operation, the market has been rebuilt, it got a system of operation
that is not found in the tor network. The store has a closed menu, which avoids attacks and significantly speeds up the operation of the store. Registration and login take a few seconds and takes you to the store where you will find more than 2,000 products!!!
The number may vary every day.

What do we find in the Tor Market?

In the tor market, we can buy a variety of interesting substances. After entering, we will be shown the home page with the current best offers, and a simple search engine in which we can enter what exactly we are looking for, or filter the store by categories or countries. Onion shop is divided into categories:

Tor market Categories

What kind of payments does the Tor Market store accept?

As we can read from the FaQ and check on the website tor market accepts payments via Bitcoin Litecoin Monero Zcash. Tor market keeps an eye on all transactions, we will not meet any fraudsters there. Shipping payments and service work very smoothly.

What rules does the Tor Market have for buyers?

-The store cares not only about buyers but also about sellers. The main rules for buyers are the Buyer Rules.

-Do not create orders that are intentionally unpaid.

-When you receive a package, finalize it immediately to expedite the receipt of payment by the supplier.

-Do not send spam messages to sellers. Messages should be related to the product.

-The feedback given on the order should be related to that order. Therefore, historical reviews should not be changed from good to bad based on a more recent order.

How to buy in Tor Market?

As you know this dark web store does not have a wallet thanks to which it is safe to buy as well as easy to use. Once you have chosen what you were looking for, all you have to do is enter your data and choose the form of payment, in FaQ and while placing an order you can read about PGP encryption, many people gave up at this stage. Tor market has introduced a convenience when someone does not know how to use PGP encryption, just that in the field “Postage details: ” he will enter the data on which the package should come and Tor market will do it for him.

In conclusion, we recommend tor market and feel responsible for the safety of your shopping, the staff as well as the sellers work at the highest level, save this link to your library and keep an eye on it. See you buyers and sellers.


(disclaimer darkweb24.net does not take responsibility for purchases and use of links provided on the site, drug substances are banned in many countries, and taking them can lead to death or arrest)



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