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At first

I wanted to point out that 90% of dark webs and I’m not afraid to use such numbers are based on a scam. A community that used to be an advantage has now turned into a handful of scammers. It is known that on the dark web there are actual shops and other sites with various topics. However, the envelope of scammers is so big that it’s hard to buy anything so as not to be cheated. It is a pity to waste time and money.

This blog post will be updated. Actually verified pages are here, because if someone offers Hacker services, and cannot crack the substituted Facebook account. Let him not waste his time. Each page will be verified on an ongoing basis. We also run actions on


Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/697703677768759/

If you have any links that are checked, please submit them to our verification.
The post has an option for commenting, someone will be deceived by the site and will immediately go to the SCAM LIST. Scammers are getting smarter do not get tricked. Only verified pages go here.

I get over a hundred links a day. The post is updated after each verification. Every link here is trusted and only working links are uploaded here. It does not absolve you from thinking. Be vigilant about all comments, please send them in the comments or by e-mail.


The first category is EMAIL
Because how to become a criminal without a secure e-mail?
Here is an email list that is trusted and protects our privacy. And the email list is on DarkWeb with .onionE-mail . onion


SecMail was one of the most famous e-mail services to run on Darkweb. Its greatest advantage is the protection of privacy and personal data. Additionally, secmial has several spam verification components. If you have a sec, you will definitely not find bothersome ads or annoying bots. This is an e-mail that works with the .onion ending.

Mail2Tor is a service hidden in the Tor network that allows anyone to send and receive email anonymously. Unlike secmail, the ability to use mail2tor is only on the tor network, this makes it even more secure. It is produced independently of The Tor Project. Similarly, it is used by the hackers themselves.

elude e-mail is one of the simpler to handle. Opening an account takes 2 minutes. It protects our privacy and data, access to it is only through the track network. Reportedly, journalists and paparazzi send photos of celebrities through this e-mail. Elude also has an escrow service.

Protonmail is a service that needs no introduction. One of the most popular e-mails available on Darkweb.
-Swiss privacy policy
-End-to-end encryption
-Anonymous email
-Open source code
Protonmail is easy to use and does not differ from local mail, modern and fast. It gives everything you need.


More in the E-mail category ( Click)

Funny link on Darkweb. Right next to Weapons of Drugs, there is a place for funny links and pages. Maybe you want to learn how to spoil the internet or taste Deep web jazz?


http://76qugh5bey5gum7l.onion/ -Deep Web Radio because why shouldn’t there be radio in the deep web? Fully legal radio that broadcasts 24/7. Surfing illegal sites taste better with a touch of jazz.



We get over 100 links a day, the verification is ongoing. The live post will be updated. Feel free to share links.

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