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What is dark web-What happens on the dark web,how it works

What is dark web-What happens on the dark web,how it works

Topic-What is dark web-What happens on the dark web,how it works

In the late 90’s era, two investigation organizations in the US from the department of Defense created an anonymized and encrypted network. The main motive of this network is to protect and hide the sensitive communications of their spies. This network was a secret network, and it is not known or reachable for ordinary internet surfers. This private network is called the ‘Dark Web.’ This Dark web is an anonymous site. This network was first introduced for government censorship. 

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Here we discuss Dark Web network-

Define ‘Dark Web’

To understand ‘Dark Web,’ users should realize ‘Open Web’ and ‘Deep Web.’

The ‘Dark Web’

Mainly people go online via computer or an electronic device with an IP address or Internet Protocol address. 

IP address gives the network permission to send information to the correct place. Such as an email reach to the right destination. A user’s internet surfing or activity can be followed and tracked using their IP address. 

This ‘Dark Web’ utilizes a typical complex system that unidentified a user’s actual IP address. This process makes it critical to work out which website the user’s device has visited. Usually, It access 

by using a particular software called Tor, Onion Router.

On the other hand, Tor is not the ‘Dark Web’ Because one can use it to access both the open and dark web anonymously. Every day, around 2.5 million people utilize Tor.

How does Will Tor work?

One can access Tor with the help of any 

search engine such as Google or Bing, and also it can be downloaded free of cost.

Tor software covers up the sender’s message in many layers of encryption, such as the layers of an onion, from where the system got its name.


Any searches and messages sent with the Tor browser’s help do not go directly to their actual destination. Tor users operate other computers rather than being relayed through the “nodes,” Tor users use different computers. The communication is encrypted at each node before being forwarded to the next one. Every node in the chain knows the node’s identity before it and the node after it, but they are blind to the uniqueness of the nodes after them. 

The ‘Deep Web.’

Additionally, this section of the internet network is often out of view to the general population. One can access it by avoiding the more common search engines and using less well-known methods.

Users of the “Deep Web may safely access data stored in databases on the “Open Web.” As an example, databases are used to store information on internet purchases, bank transactions, hotel reservations, and medical records, amongst many other things. Passwords are used to restrict access to just those granted permission to see the information.

What are the potential dangers of this plan?

Young people can view pornography, obscene photographs of minors, and sites selling drugs and weapons on the “Open Web” as well as on the “Dark Web,” in other words.

Youth are also at risk of being mistreated and ill-treated by sex offenders who target and victimize individuals via these portions of the internet. According to one study, the ‘Open Web’ is more likely than the ‘Dark Web’ to be used by criminals to contact their victims. It is common for those who have committed crimes against children to post discussions on “schemes” for child exploitation on the Dark Web. 

Conclusion of What is dark web-What happens on the dark web,how it works

So, according to us, don’t use the ‘Dark web.’ Please use this carefully and only for legal work if you use it. Don’t be a victim of this. To access web pages on the dark web, you must have a particular piece of software. Search engines don’t index these pages so that you may remain anonymous. Trading, selling, and personal gain are possible outcomes of data theft.

As a result, the dark web has drawn many individuals whose safety would be jeopardized if their online identities were made public. Personal websites have long been used by those who have been the victims of abuse or persecution and by informants and political opponents alike. However, these advantages may readily be extended to individuals who choose to break the law in more overtly criminal ways.

 The dark web’s legality depends on how you, the user, utilize it. Legal borders may be crossed for various reasons, all of which are critical to preserving individual liberty. The safety and well-being of others may necessitate others acting in prohibited ways. Concluded our topic What is dark web-What happens on the dark web,how it works

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