What to do if your information is on the dark web? 

What to do if your information is on the dark web 

Topic : What to do if your information is on the dark web? 

If your information or your sensitive data is on the dark web, it can be potentially damaging for you. All your credit card information and other vital documents are in the hands of hackers and criminals, and they can do a lot of illegal stuff with the data they have access to.

In this article, we shall see what precautionary steps you can take from that data being misused by these people whose intentions are not good. 

Darknet – The hub of criminal activities 

You might have heard about the dark web, that part of the net which is invisible to the normal top layer of the internet, and you might have also heard that you require special software to access it. 

Because one can access the darknet anonymously, it has become a center of criminal activity, including the purchase and selling of financial data.

While several services can alert you of the theft of your data, in the end, it is entirely up to you what action you have to take or implement to avoid becoming the victim of fraud or your identity theft. 

Experts say it is almost impossible to become the targets and avoid the many dangers that the dark web brings with it.

Every year there are almost thousands of cases of data being breached, says a report by the organization Identity Theft resource center. With so many data thefts and other data compromises on the dark web, likely, your data is also available on the dark web.

For selling identities of credit card fetches anywhere between $5 to $100 and more than 1000 dollars for information on passports and medical records. 

Here, we will discuss steps we can take when our data has been breached

The steps you can take after you know that your information is on the darknet. You can freeze your credit card with the banks and companies you have taken the credit card from. 

You can obtain free credit reports from the banks or institutions that have issued you the credit card. Look out for the accounts or some charges you cannot recognize. Continue to check your reports annually. 

Create a social security account with the administration. You are taking this step to claim your social security number and ward off anyone else from creating an account by your name.

Review your earnings on the social security number to move anyone else off from creating a new account in your name. Review your social security statement earnings to ensure your information is correct. 

Report about your SSN fraud that has happened to the social security administration.

If your passport or driving license is found on the dark web, contact the department of motor vehicles or the state department. 

If your social security number happens to be on the dark web, you should report it to the social security administration and the internal revenue service. 

If your password is found on the dark web, change it immediately on all of the accounts where you might use this. Change the security questions on the account you manage as an extra security measure. 

If your passport information is out on the dark web, contact the department of state Bureau of consular affairs department of fraud. 

You can also consider adding 2-factor authentication or MFA to all of your sensitive personal accounts to stop account takeover attempts. 

Conclusion of What to do if your information is on the dark web? 

This article added several steps to take when your data and information are on the dark web. Follow these steps to get back control over your documents. We hope you liked this article and found its contents useful to you. In simpler words, avoid going to the dark web as it is a hub for criminal activities.

Different types of data thefts financial frauds might happen to you before a long time passes and you come to know about it. Stay clear of the dark web. That is the best possible way to prevent online fraud and compromise your data.

Here we concluded our topic What to do if your information is on the dark web? 

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